OnRamp Access has begun to lay a foundation for its newest addition of 2 backup generators. These new generators will expand the capacity of the data center’s existing power supply and add redundancy to its entire system. The units will literally double OnRamp’s redundant isolated path architecture, creating a series of 4 unique paths from […]

At the heart of innovation is the consumer. That said, in the high-tech industry, the needs of the consumer are always changing, and as a result, any data center truly committed to providing a quality product or service will do everything they can to stay current in the industry and actively seek opportunities to meet the public […]

This week at OnRamp Access, major transformations are taking place at the data center construction site. Construction has begun on the infrastructure for the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system that will supply OnRamp’s newly expanded data center operation. This system will ensure that the cool aisles of an additional 144 racks of space maintain an […]

More roof top renovations are taking place at OnRamp’s Data Center this week. Massive, crane-lifted “I – Beams” have been welded into place, adding structural support for the new wing’s air conditioning system. In addition, OnRamp is taking advantage of this opportunity to improve some of its already established systems. By repositioning 2 Computer Room […]

Chad Kissinger, OnRamp’s founder, introduced the internet to shoppers from a kiosk at Austin’s Barton Creek Mall. Within that same year, OnRamp was providing colocation and managed servers. As OnRamp’s internet services expanded, more than 700 websites were created, including sites for Earl Campbell, the Girl Scouts Lone-Star Council, James Avery Craftsman and the State […]

Construction is already underway for OnRamp’s Data Center expansion project that will incorporate an additional 4000 square feet of OnRamp space in the area immediately adjacent to Room 2 and TW Telecom. The first step in this process involves the restructuring of the existing ceiling to accommodate the 16 total rooftop air units that will cycle […]