As you can tell from the chronology of expansion blog postings, a lot goes into the successful build and launch of a new data center space. Without delving too deep into all of the technological intricacies, it is important to note the key electrical systems working together to power the data center and enable 100% […]

With the focus of much of the recent blog postings being placed on the technological components of the build, and how they contribute to the functionality of the new data center space, little discussion has been made about the physical changes going on at OnRamp. Aside from the planning and preparation that went into the […]

OnRamp Access has without a doubt, seen some major changes take place on its data center expansion project in the past few weeks. Now, with all the roof top air conditioning units set into place and electrical conduits for this equipment established, we don our hardhats and travel indoors for a look at what’s been […]

If you look at most companies today, data is a vital part of the business. Whether company data includes intellectual property, tax records, customer contacts or patient information, data loss can be devastating. But few companies are equipped to prevent and/or handle their own disaster recovery. Few are able to fund the equipment, redundancy and […]

For those of you who have been keeping up with our Data Center Expansion Blog, you may recall a posting last month about the addition of three air conditioning units that served to officially build our primary data center space out to capacity. Let me say now, whether this feat struck you as impressive or […]

With the latest additions to our data center infrastructure now in place, there is a heightened need to secure these vital components. In addition to the already present, around-the-clock video surveillance, monitored from within the Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as the biometric scanning and key card entry features, OnRamp has beefed up elements of […]