The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the grid operator for the majority of Texas, is accountable for making sure that Texas’ energy use continues to meet the needs of citizens who live in Texas. Recently, ERCOT has announced that it projects energy shortages in the coming years due to increased demand and insufficient power […]

In preparation for the completion of OnRamp’s new data center space, plans have been made to increase the security of the expanded facility. OnRamp boasts some key physical safeguards that have recently been modified and featured in a past Data Center Expansion Blog post, which protect our backup systems located outside the facility. As if […]

Joining the ranks in late April, Jonathon holds the night owl shift in support of the 24-hour monitoring and customer service functions which are integral to OnRamp’s offerings. Aside from ensuring the stability of data center temperature, bandwidth, and power levels, Jonathon serves on the front-lines of customer service phone calls and email cases, and is always […]

Inside the data center expansion project, progress continues at a steady pace. This week, OnRamp witnessed the ongoing effort to run the extensive wiring that will provide power for the critical components of the new data center space and support the backup functions of the entire facility. On the floor of the data center, things […]

Austin, Texas data center operations company, OnRamp Access, held its quarterly High Tech Happy Hour Thursday, June 14th, at Molotov on 6th Street. More than 150 technology professionals came together to network and learn about OnRamp’s data center services. The event provided a relaxed setting where business professionals could interact and discuss plans for growth within the […]

Ben began work with OnRamp mid-April and has been adjusting to the wide range of duties he has assumed in his position with the company. Due to the depth and breadth of OnRamp’s products and services, he tends to wear many hats around here. Playing on his working experiences from HostGator and Apple Inc., Ben does anything from handling […]

Did you know that 100% of OnRamp’s power comes from renewable energy such as wind power? Since its inception in 1994, OnRamp has been committed to efficiency and energy conservation. Why? Well, because it makes sense–not just for the environment, but also for the bottom line. Less energy use is a win-win situation. A lower […]

The team of builders and engineers working to finish OnRamp’s data center expansion project have already begun the lengthy process of preparing the site for its connection to the electrical grid. With the conduits run to connect OnRamp’s new backup generators, Uninterrupted Power Sources, Automatic Transfer Switches and other vital electrical components for its redundant […]

Eric recently joined the OnRamp team late last March and brings a wide range of skill sets to the Network Engineer position. These include experience with VOIP, CISCO Switching and Routing, Wireless Communications and Video Conferencing.  In addition to his combined industry, hands-on, and educational experiences, Eric is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a […]