This week at OnRamp Access, ACR Engineering has returned to conduct load bank tests on our two new generators. This process features the use of a load bank – a huge vented box which essentially resembles the innards of your household toaster, but on a grandiose scale. By dialing up the amount of energy supplied […]

Is your data center addressing your HIPAA compliance concerns? The development of the internet and internet applications has brought a new level of effectiveness and efficiency to many industries, including the health industry. Vital health information can be easily stored and shared to make coordinating patient care safer and easier. However, using the internet to […]

OnRamp recently welcomed the Austin Fire Department onto the premises to conduct an inspection of the fire suppression systems for the new data center space. This step in the process was later accompanied by a final building inspection, from which we received our certificate of occupancy. With these two crucial checks complete, the build team […]

Alex joined the ranks at OnRamp early last month as the newest Technical Support Technician. A recent recipient of an Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking Systems from ITT-Tech, he, like most of OnRamp’s latest hires, has his sights set on future accomplishments and certifications to complement his degree. Although this achievement will serve him greatly […]

As noted in the past two Expansion Blog entries, Room 3 of OnRamp’s data center facility is currently being put through its paces to ensure the safety and security of its environment and full functionality of its systems. As part of this process, the building itself must meet certain specifications before a single server is […]

In designing our data center, we have thought through every possible scenario to determine what services and features will make the biggest difference for companies that rely on their data being accessible at all times. These days, most need their systems functioning with 100% uptime, and if something goes wrong, they need immediate solutions. That’s […]

The much anticipated testing of OnRamp’s support systems for the newly expanded data center space is officially underway. Last week, upon completing its work with Austin Energy and running power to Room 3 of OnRamp’s state-of-the-art data center, we checked the functionality of the new Rooftop A/C Units. This event kicks off a series of […]