How will health IT make a difference a year from now at the next National Health IT Week?  Over the next year, IT service providers, like OnRamp, will begin to deploy services that are truly compliant with government healthcare regulations under the HIPAA/HITECH Act. Traditionally, healthcare companies have been slow to adopt new technology or […]

OnRamp would like to announce the inaugural post for our newly developed HIPAA Compliance Blog. Please stay tuned for weekly posts centered on the topics of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Healthcare IT. We will be covering a wide range of topics, from what HIPAA is and who it affects, to advice […]

Recently we announced the completion of our data center expansion project and celebrated with an employee picnic. We thought we’d take time in this week’s blog to fill you in on what was accomplished in our expansion project and how it impacts you. We have been working on the expansion of our data center since […]

In the world of web hosting and data center services, “flexible hosting” is not a mysterious concept. It simply means that a data center service provider has the capacity and the expertise to customize their services to their clients’ needs. At OnRamp, flexible hosting is just part of what we do. But how do we […]

With the recent installation of OnRamp’s new Uninterrupted Power Sources (UPSs) and completion of a series of load bank tests this prior week, our data center staff has been presented with an opportunity to gain some familiarity with our new equipment in a relaxed, non-critical situation. Though the new UPSs are fully functional and ready […]