In support of OnRamp’s involvement with ITEXPO West 2012, October 2-5, please find a Q&A with OnRamp’s Founder, Chad Kissinger and the TMCnet editors regarding data centers and the many facets of technology as they affect our everyday lives. Join us at ITEXPO with this FREE VIP PASS and be sure to drop by and […]

Summer may be coming to an end, but hurricane season is still in full swing. Hurricanes can cause billions of dollars worth of damage to businesses in hurricane-prone states like Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It’s very important for all businesses, but especially those in coastal areas, to be prepared well in advance with a […]

  As part of this edition of the HIPAA Compliance blog, OnRamp’s HIPAA Implementation experts have gathered a list of some very important resources to guide your business towards achieving HIPAA Compliance. Whether your company serves as a covered entity or business associate, it is important to gain a complete understanding of the laws which […]

When things work, they just work. Virtualization can really bring effectiveness to a company. Virtualization brings benefits in efficiency and economics, but trusting your sensitive company data to a public cloud may itself bring a cloud of uncertainty. While clouds do offer redundancy and mobility, you may not feel the risk is worth it. HIPAA […]

In this edition of the HIPAA Compliance Blog, we will discuss a few key terms to help you gain a better understanding of HIPAA and the laws surrounding the governance of e-PHI. What is HIPAA? HIPAA, as it’s referred to in most instances, is the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA was […]