Using colocation can be a major advantage to startup businesses.  Colocation is a type of web hosting that provides an ideal solution for small companies that need hosting but don’t have the funds to do it themselves. Data centers such as OnRamp offer colocation services that have different options for services, tools, and equipment to […]

Chad Kissinger, the founder of Austin data center OnRamp, is scheduled to speak at the Health IT Summit on Thursday, December 6th.  OnRamp provides many services in line with HIPAA, including HIPAA compliant hosting, making Kissinger well-qualified to discuss changes in HIPAA-related privacy and security standards.  Kissinger will participate in a panel titled “What We […]

Since the beginning of the early computer industry, the data center has played a key role in how technology functions in everyday life. Since 1994, OnRamp has provided state-of-the-art facilities and Full7Layer Support to all of our customers. Because of our long history, we thought it would beneficial to briefly trace the origins of the […]