The world of organizations’ IT requirements is constantly in flux. From managed hosting needs to security concerns, there are dozens of different issues that need to be addressed in the development and implementation of successful IT systems. For this reason, many organizations find themselves having to choose crucial IT solutions in the midst of constantly-evolving […]

If you work in the healthcare industry, then chances are you are very familiar with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. All businesses dealing with protected health information are required by law to be HIPAA compliant. Over the last decade, as data protection has become more sophisticated, so have the ways criminals are stealing that information. In […]

HIPAA compliance and the healthcare industry go hand-in-hand thanks to today’s technology-oriented world of healthcare. The healthcare industry faces many challenges when it comes to providing quality care and keeping patients’ privacy a top priority. Companies want to lower the costs of healthcare and provide excellent care while simultaneously protecting the interests of patients and […]

Whether your business is just starting out or is already an enterprise, there are many benefits to choosing managed hosting for your organization. Use this article to help your company weigh the pros and cons when making the decision of whether or not to use a managed hosting provider. Cost-Efficient Having a physical infrastructure in-house […]

OnRamp has recently announced its sponsorship of VMXpo 2013, a one-day conference dedicated to exploring the latest in virtualization and mobile technologies. Set to take place on September 4th, 2013, at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, the event is hosted by Whitehat Virtual Technologies an Austin-based solution provider in the application and desktop virtualization […]

2013 is seeing some great global changes in digital infrastructure, making it a very exciting time to be a part of the data center business. The Uptime Institute Symposium held this year featured nearly 100 speakers discussing the ways data centers and digital infrastructure are evolving, with a focus on data center management, design innovation, […]

In the past, disaster recovery consisted of tedious, time-consuming, and expensive practices. Often these practices included cumbersome off-site backup that took too long to retrieve and deliver, data recovery failure due to mismatched drives and network configurations, and a disaster recovery plan designed as a one-time procedure rather than a dynamic or enduring plan. Today, […]