One of the current trends driving colocation growth is the adoption of cloud-based solutions. An environment that combines both the cloud and traditional colocation is the future as companies look to keep costs low while expanding their data needs. Contrary to popular belief, colocation is not a threat to the cloud (or vice versa), but […]

Recently there have been quite a few thefts involving electronically stored protected health information and patients’ personal information. We don’t know for sure if the target was the personal information or if the thieves were more interested in the hardware itself, but each of these incidences can cause damage financially and to the business’ reputations. […]

With a mere three days to go until the HIPAA Omnibus final rule goes into effect, HIPAA compliance is on everyone’s mind. Examining business associates, data storage, security solutions, and the way e-PHI is handled are among the top priorities for businesses that work with the healthcare industry. Security breaches are an especially critical issue […]

Health Information Technology’s (Health IT) value is boundless and has the ability to affect so many individuals, from Health Information Management Systems professionals to care givers and the most important subset: the patients receiving care. From a technological perspective, Health IT, when deployed with proper support from qualified partners, enables patient data to be collected, […]

When evaluating hosting services, it’s important to consider the benefits that managed hosting would bring to your business. One of these great extras is the ability to have your hosting solution customized to your exact needs. The main advantage of going with managed hosting through a data center provider is the dedicated team that ensures […]

National Health Information Technology Week (NHIT Week) is back, and OnRamp is expanding on our efforts from last year to make it one to remember. With the theme: “One Voice, One Vision,” NHIT Week 2013 is the premier event offering all healthcare stakeholders an opportunity to unite under one banner, expressing the benefits that health […]

OnRamp recently showcased our data center services at VMXpo 2013, an event centered around the latest in virtualization and mobile technologies, hosted by Whitehat Virtual Technologies, a Citrix Managed Service Provider and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure company. The event, which took place in Austin, Texas, on September 4th, brought together virtualization industry heavyweights such as Citrix, […]

Just how important are the conditions in your data center? The effectiveness of a data center is often greatly affected by the physical conditions in and around it. In fact, a data center’s internal environment can affect its infrastructure costs, the rate at which it consumes energy, and the equipment’s lifespan. For this reason, it’s […]