A recent Savvis study found that, with the rise of cloud computing, IT directors expect to outsource almost 70 percent of their IT infrastructure workloads by the year 2018. Despite what some colocation-only providers might say, colocation can coexist with the cloud, and this rise in cloud computing should not be considered a threat. The […]

As we’ve stated a few times, it takes a lot of work to be fully HIPAA compliant. If your company interacts with sensitive patient information in any way, you need to make sure that information is protected or you could face very large fines if that patient information is ever compromised. Those who need to […]

Businesses often experience fluctuations in IT requirements, especially as they expand.  An expanding business has different needs during each stage of growth, and the logistics of the transition can often be difficult to navigate.  Growing businesses may operate on a conservative budget, need additional or upgraded IT support and require a more robust IT infrastructure, […]

Every business that is considering ways to improve day-to-day operations is evaluating ROI—return on investment.  When evaluating a need for ways to keep critical IT infrastructure running at the highest levels of reliability, managed hosting may come up as an option.  But is managed hosting a responsible investment for businesses that need mission-critical services like […]

Innotech Austin is coming up on Wednesday, October 16th  and if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time to do it! But before you shell out any coin, just know OnRamp’s got you covered. Check out our events page at www.onr.com/about-us/events for a code to give you free access to the exhibit hall floor […]

Managed hosting has become more complex in recent years than just renting out servers in a remote data center. Now it can include operating system management, virtualization, performance monitoring, security, load balancing, and more. Not all managed hosting vendors can provide every one of these services, which can result in confusion for customers trying to […]

When choosing a data center to provide colocation, HIPAA private clouds, managed hosting, or other data center services, there are a lot of factors to consider before settling on the one that fits your business’s requirements. The fact is that different data centers may tout certain certifications… but what do they mean? When it comes […]

Since beginning to build its own custom data centers in 2006, Google has invested more than $21 billion in its Internet infrastructure. Its spending has only increased in recent years, reaching $1.6 billion in the second quarter of 2013. Google isn’t the only major company making significant investments in data centers. Microsoft has invested $15 […]