When it comes to risk management, the smartest approach is to be proactive rather than reactive. By managing risks proactively, businesses have time to resolve issues before they become problems, meaning that dangers like disaster recovery and security threats are addressed before they become detrimental to a business. So what does proactive risk management entail? […]

Now that you have decided to use managed hosting services for your business, you need to compare managed hosting providers. While it might seem appealing to choose the vendor with the lowest bid, definitely make sure they provide at least all of the following services: A Secure Facility 24/7 surveillance, dual-factor authentication, and around-the-clock staffing […]

There are many reasons a company would choose to migrate to a data center: they want to save money, they need more space, they’re reorganizing their IT operations, and more. Whether you are changing data centers or migrating your company’s data to one for the first time, you will need to take certain things into […]

Improving and maintaining the customer experience is one of the keys to a running successful business, and your online operations are a big part of that experience. Whether your business relies solely on online exchanges or your website is an extension of your business, understanding and catering to your customers’ satisfaction with their online experience […]

OnRamp Founder, Chad Kissinger has recently announced that he will be joining a panel discussion entitled “Technology: Its Challenges and Practicalities,” at the Chicago location of Healthbox on Thursday, November 14th, 2013. Healthbox, a leading business accelerator that fosters growth within early-stage healthcare companies, will be hosting a discussion which will cover topics of data […]