You never know when an emergency will threaten your business’s IT operations. Holiday outages, natural disasters, and human error are all a danger to companies that rely on consistent Internet operations. And if a business encounters an emergency situation in which a new server needs to be provisioned or data needs to be recovered, options […]

Have you heard about the benefits of colocation for businesses of all kinds, but aren’t sure whether or not colocation make sense for your business? It’s true that colocation isn’t right for everyone. A business might get more out of managed hosting, for example, or might need private cloud options to account for HIPAA compliance […]

This past year saw a big change in HIPAA law with the introduction of the Omnibus Rule. The final version of the rule was posted on January 17, 2013, and organizations had until September 23, 2013 to comply with new provisions.  Some of the key aspects of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule included: –          Business associates […]

2014 is right around the corner, and with it comes a host of predictions about the future of the data center. Data centers are major players when it comes to providing dependable, efficient ways for businesses to manage their IT infrastructures and sensitive data. While services like colocation, managed hosting, and private clouds aren’t going […]

If you’re starting to look into managed storage as a solution for your business, you know that there are lots of different options when it comes to managed hosting providers. Unfortunately, some providers don’t offer everything a business needs when it comes to providing the flexibility, scalability, and technical support from which a business can […]

Recently, discussion surrounding the advantages of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplace policies has increased, with plenty of talk about the advantages and disadvantages of allowing employees to use their own devices (such as smartphones and tablets) to do their work and use their business’s data or information systems. With the number of mobile devices in the workplace […]

Growing companies require a strong technical foundation that can grow with them and handle their increasing hosting and data requirements. Trying to do this in-house is cost prohibitive for most companies, so they turn to outside options like managed hosting. But how does managed hosting work exactly? When you opt for managed hosting, the hosting […]

The madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have subsided, but holiday shopping season is still in full swing, and online retailers are more aware than ever of the high traffic volume and potential revenue spike that the holiday buying season brings. Unfortunately, with the season of spending also comes the danger of crashed […]

Colocation is transforming the data center industry as businesses around the world move to data centers to scale their services, improve data security, and lower costs. As companies that offer colocation services continue to grow, more people are considering investing in this growing industry. Investment always has some risks, so here’s what you need to […]