Ensuring the safety of your data and IT infrastructure is a necessary but daunting task. You want to get the best hardware and service you can, but might not be equipped to handle the kind of upkeep that comes with a well-outfitted infrastructure. This is where managed hosting comes in. As a service that brings […]

What is a set of HIPAA policies and procedures worth to you? For one medical practice in Massachusetts, a lack of HIPAA compliance cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.  Such a high fine could have been avoided if they had implemented a HIPAA compliant system from the beginning. In this case, this […]

OnRamp is dedicated to helping customers achieve HIPAA compliance by crafting a customized solution based on customers’ needs and OnRamp’s extensive experience protecting sensitive data like ePHI. In addition to providing HIPAA-compliant colocation, risk management, disaster recovery, and private clouds, OnRamp understands the importance of supplying customers with all of the right information about HIPAA. […]

The best thing about OnRamp’s managed hosting services is that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all option. That might sound like a negative at first, but it isn’t. OnRamp works with each of our clients to design a managed hosting solution that meets their specific needs. So what exactly could that include? Managed Servers A managed […]

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the rule and not the exception for application deployment. This will make 2014 an interesting and disruptive year for vendors, service providers and IT organizations grappling with this change. Here is a list of our Top 10 Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2014: 1. More businesses will become software companies. […]

The demand for data centers grew in 2013 thanks to social media companies and cloud developers, with total leasing volume up 25% compared to 2012. However, as the business world becomes more reliant on data centers, the bigger target they become for cybersecurity concerns. Standard defenses used by data centers must be optimized to handle […]

When leveraged correctly, private cloud hosting can give businesses a real advantage when it comes to security and scalability. This type of managed hosting allows businesses to create custom solutions that accommodate scalability, virtualization, security requirements, and a need for dedicated equipment. Here is our breakdown of the different types of managed hosting private clouds, […]

Join OnRamp Data Center Founder and HIPAA Compliance Expert, Chad Kissinger, as he discusses the key concerns for working with information technology providers in maintaining HIPAA Compliance. Topic: Outsourcing IT in a HITECH Landscape Thursday, January 16th, 11:30AM – 1:00PM Old San Francisco Steakhouse 10223 Sahara Dr. San Antonio, TX 78216   Summary: The final […]