We had a great time last week at the Texas Regional HIMSS Conference, and thoroughly enjoyed talking with so many of you about our HIPAA Risk Management Tool. While attending this incredible conference, Twitter was buzzing with the latest health IT news, and we wanted to share with you our favorite #TXHIMSS tweets that we […]

Are you worried about choosing the right colocation provider? Because you will be storing your equipment in a data center facility, it is imperative to know exactly what colocation services you will be receiving from your provider, as well as the specifications of the space in which your equipment will be stored. That’s why a […]

Next week, more than 400 healthcare IT professionals will convene in Dallas, Texas for the HIMSS Texas Regional Conference 2014. This conference, hosted by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, serves as an avenue for HIT professionals to improve healthcare technology by discussing major changes and innovations in the field. Major topics include HIPAA compliance, […]

The term “hybrid hosting” can encompass a lot of different services. Unfortunately, this also means that there are a lot of misconceptions about hybrid hosting. There are plenty of myths surrounding what it means, how it works, and whom it benefits. Here we address 4 myths about hybrid hosting. Myth: Hybrid hosting only refers to […]

Have you been searching for a data center service that accounts for your HIPAA and HITECH concerns, but are unsure which service is right for your business?   A hybrid hosting solution from a knowledgeable provider might be right for you. Hybrid hosting blends a mix of managed hosting, colocation, and cloud solutions into one single […]

What does hybrid hosting offer that traditional hosting doesn’t? Hybrid hosting can consist of a combination of services customized to meet your business’s specific IT needs. OnRamp, for example, offers a combination of colocation and private cloud solutions, as well as a mix of colocation and managed hosting solutions. These combinations open up a wide […]

Cloud computing has seen a surge in popularity for a while now, and shows no signs of falling from favor. In fact, according to a recent study, 58% of enterprises surveyed spend more than 10% of their annual IT budgets on cloud services. Private clouds in particular are of increasing interest to many enterprises, as […]

Are you looking into a managed hosting solution, clouds or colocation for your business, and can’t seem to find a solution that fits all of your needs? The solution you’re seeking is hybrid hosting; it is what has bridged the gap between colocation, managed hosting and the cloud so that your business can quickly adapt […]