We are excited to announce our partnership with Ostendio Inc., a Virginia based compliance management company, to collectively assist our customers in maintaining HIPAA compliance. OnRamp will offer to incorporate Ostendio’s MyVirtualComplianceManager™ (MyVCM™) into our HIPAA Hosting customers’ IT environments. The combined solution will help provide a more comprehensive means of managing the administrative, technical […]

OnRamp knows that facility quality, geographic stability, and power supply are three of the most important things to consider when choosing a data center location. That is why our national data center facilities are located in prime positions for the delivery of all kinds of IT services, from managed hosting to disaster recovery. When it […]

OnRamp is set to attend the 10th Annual Security and Privacy Conference for Academic Medical Centers & Partners next week June 23 – 25 in Chapel Hill, NC. The subject of the conference will be “Managing the Integrated Information Environment” and will host sessions featuring a variety of topics relating to privacy and security issues […]

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule no longer only affects covered entities, but also those with persistent access to protected health information (PHI) that are deemed business associates by law. As before, covered entities are still required to sign business associate agreements with their service providers, but now, those providers are subject to following the authority of […]

If your business is feeling the pinch from the constant monitoring and maintenance that comes with running in-house IT operations to support your business, a managed server solution might be right for you. What is it? When your company has a managed server hosted within a state-of-the-art data center facility, it has access to trained […]

Back in March, the United States experienced three large earthquakes that affected California and Wyoming residents in an earth shattering way. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) there were a total of 17 “significant” earthquakes around the world in March alone. Chile’s 8.2-magnitude earthquake was reported as the largest, with the 5.1 and […]

What are the advantages of dedicated servers, firewalls, SANs, etc.?  In short, dedicated servers give you more control over the storage, access, and performance of your data, all accompanied by a higher level of security.  Not sure if your business would benefit from a dedicated IT environment run on dedicated servers?  Here are 4 things […]

The 10th annual HostingCon starts next week in Miami Beach, Florida. HostingCon 2014 is a 3-day conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center playing host to hundreds of companies in the tech industry with an interest in hosting and the cloud. Attendees can partake in a wide variety of educational sessions and networking events with […]

If your business hasn’t considered switching to a private cloud, you may be missing out. The cloud has shown no signs of losing popularity, and with good reason. It can provide faster service and increased convenience, all accompanied by excellent security. However, it’s important to take the right path when transitioning to the cloud. The […]