As any healthcare provider, HIPAA covered entity, or HIPAA business associate already knows, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the healthcare industry. From ePHI protection to virtual portals for patients to receive remote consultations, more and more providers are taking advantage of cloud-based technologies to connect with patients and deliver care. However, while there […]

At OnRamp we know it’s important to offer our clients a wide variety of options when it comes to data center services. We know that the one-size-fits-all approach can’t give a business the best combination of solutions. That’s why, with everything from hybrid hosting to disaster recovery clouds, our focus is on finding the right […]

Every company strives to achieve greater sustainability. Whether to reduce energy costs or become more environmentally-friendly, sustainability is a beneficial part of any business. If a company requires colocation services, the use of a data center can actually improve a company’s sustainability quite a bit. That’s because… Data center colocation allows for easier, less expensive […]

If you aren’t testing your disaster recovery plan, your plan isn’t complete. In fact, there may be a lot more to a good DR plan than you think. One essential component of maintaining business continuity, even in the event of a disaster, is testing your DR solution. However, this is a step that is skipped […]

As a provider of high-security hosting, PCI compliance is one of OnRamp’s specialties. We know that achieving PCI compliance is a complex process, and that companies handling payment card information, whether in small or large volumes, are concerned with PCI compliance. The basis of a PCI-compliant environment is the PCI DSS, and OnRamp is well-versed […]

Navigating the ins and outs of HIPAA in order to prevent a security breach and avoid the legal and financial penalties associated with non-compliance, including the inability to prove compliance, is a big undertaking. The clients who depend on OnRamp for HIPAA compliant hosting regularly deal with the administrative, technical and physical safeguards that are […]

Confusion about dedicated hosting vs. shared hosting is common among businesses deciding on a strategy for an out-of-house server solution.  Fortunately, the difference between dedicated and shared hosting is not the difference between a good service and a bad service; it simply depends on what services your business needs. With dedicated hosting you can… Control […]

OnRamp knows there’s more to high-security hosting than a well-guarded data center facility (though it is a key component). That’s why we cater to a variety of high-security hosting needs. Here are some of the ways OnRamp helps ensure the security of your sensitive data. Achieve Compliance Security When you choose data center hosting for […]

Why do companies hold on to out-of-date servers? Maybe the prospect of transition poses concerns about transferring data or applications successfully. Maybe they think the costs are too high. Or maybe companies find it difficult to let go of technology with which they are familiar. Regardless of the reasoning, we believe that outsourcing the care […]

Since our announcement back in February of 2013 about our new OnRamp data center in Raleigh, we’ve been looking for a way to reach out and get to know the amazing community, and we think we’ve finally found the perfect way to do so: free drinks and food for all! We’re hosting our first-ever Raleigh […]