When new customers are faced with choosing a data center and company, location can sometimes play a complicated role in the decision-making process. Both the safety and strategic placement of whatever data center you choose are important. For example, while our Raleigh data center is in close proximity to some of the nation’s largest companies, it […]

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is an interconnection of uniquely distinguishable devices embedded within the preexisting network of the Internet. These unique devices can be anything from smart grids to biochips. As the Internet of Things expands, the role of the data center in maintaining this infrastructure has become more and more essential. According […]

OnRamp is pleased to announce the publication of a new customer case study featuring analyticsMD. The study details analyticsMD’s successful use of OnRamp’s HIPAA compliant hybrid hosting solutions which leverage our private cloud and managed hosting services. analyticsMD, a California based SaaS provider, has developed a platform that integrates with electronic medical record (EMR) systems […]

According to a new study on the application of cloud computing into the commercial world, the cloud industry is expected to grow to $7.5 billion next year. The market for this new technology has not only gained traction across the United States, but is steadily growing and expanding across the world. While “the cloud” has […]

Colocation, or the ability to house a company’s servers and supporting IT equipment in a secure and controlled data center environment, can play a major role in streamlining the process of adopting new cloud technologies. Of course, being supported by the right data center partner with experience providing cloud-delivered services is a plus, but just […]

We are pleased to announce that on Friday, October 17th at 10AM CT, OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger will host a webinar titled: “HIPAA in the Cloud: What You Need to Know to Be Compliant.” This event which comes on the heels of Chad’s Keynote Address on the same topic at the Cloud Developers Summit & […]

This month, Orlando, Florida will play host to Data Center World 2014, a conference for international and national data center and facilities management professionals. The conference runs from Sunday, October 19th to the 22nd and features both events and panels that will be scattered around the city. The symposium is a joint effort between Data […]