When evaluating potential colocation providers, chances are you’re not just looking for a single determining factor. There are many variables to take into account when identifying which provider will be the best partner for the needs of your business. And unfortunately, when checking out multiple providers, it can be tough to compare the value of […]

A security vulnerability called “VENOM” has recently been disclosed by researchers that poses a serious risk to virtualized environments on public clouds. VENOM, which stands for “Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation,” is a bug that can allow hackers to burst out of a virtual machine (VM) to laterally access other VMs within a shared environment […]

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, May 24 marks the beginning of the 2015 National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Established by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Hurricane Preparedness Week gives businesses and individuals alike the opportunity to learn about the dangers of hurricanes, when they occur, and how to prepare for them. The 2015 Atlantic hurricane […]

So it’s time for your business to make the big data center move. Maybe your in-house data center doesn’t have the space you need to expand; maybe you need far greater power density to support the addition of new equipment; or maybe you want to better position your IT infrastructure to deal with disaster recovery. […]

OnRamp is pleased to announce the release of a new case study highlighting our partnership with GCS Technologies, Inc. The study details the reasoning behind GCS’ decision to form a strategic partnership with OnRamp to meet their clients’ IT and compliance needs. Dedicated to solving the challenging technology problems that other IT firms aren’t willing […]

The Los Angeles Convention Center is hosting the 20th Annual ATA International Meeting and Trade Show. Running May 2-5, 2015 the ATA 2015 Annual Meeting will play host to exhibitors, keynote speakers and professionals across many fields of telemedicine as they focus on transforming healthcare systems by integrating the use of advanced remote medical technologies […]