NCHICA LogoAround 300 HIT professionals are expected to attend the 2015 NCHICA Annual Conference & Expo taking place September 13-16 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. This year’s conference, hosted by the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance, will follow the theme “Transforming Healthcare from Volume to Value,” and will play host to a number of education sessions and networking events. This theme will guide the conference in addressing the latest developments and best practices in healthcare IT, allowing attendees to learn from industry leaders, make connections with other professionals, and contribute to discussions on the direction of HIT in America.

The NCHICA Conference & Expo in years past has been hailed as an invaluable opportunity to network with industry leaders, gain new perspective on trends and development in healthcare IT, and return to your organization with a stronger understanding of today’s HIT landscape.

Attending the NCHICA 2015 Conference & Expo, but not sure where to start? Check out our breakdown below. (For the full NCHICA 2015 Conference agenda, click here.)

21 Breakout Sessions

During each hour, attendees can choose from breakout sessions focused on technology, connected health, and population health. Sessions range from topics like defining a “culture of security” to the challenges of new technologies while maintaining compliance. Plan ahead by choosing which sessions speak most to your needs—review the summaries and schedules of each session here.

Attendees of the technology track session from 12:30-1:30PM on Tuesday can join OnRamp founder Chad Kissinger for his presentation, “HIPAA in the Cloud: How to Effectively Collaborate with Cloud Providers.” Kissinger will apply his experience as a HIPAA expert to address the key concerns business face when working with Cloud Service Providers in an effort to maintain HIPAA compliance.

2 Plenary Sessions

Monday’s plenary session (8:30-9:30AM) is titled “Cognitive Computing in Healthcare: Current Capabilities and Future Directions,” and will be presented by Rick Francis of IBM Watson Health. Tuesday’s plenary session (10-11:30AM) takes a different approach, featuring “Lightning Talks,” an interactive session with 5-minute presentations from 10 different industry leaders, followed by an open audience Q&A. Presentations cover topics like social media’s potential role in improving patient care, and the future of predictive analytics in healthcare.

Security Workshop

Security workshop sessions will take place on Wednesday from 8AM-1PM. Featuring 5 sessions, the workshop is focused solely on fortifying healthcare security, including the analysis of a breach, BYOD management, emerging threats, and overall best practices. Browse the full workshop session descriptions here.


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