KaleidaCare-LogoKaleidaCare Moves From Colocation to OnRamp’s Hybrid Hosting

KaleidaCare, an Application Service Provider (ASP) that offers an internet-based MIS system for social service organizations has become the focal point of a newly released customer case study by OnRamp. Initially forming a relationship with OnRamp in 2008, KaleidaCare strictly relied on OnRamp to provide power, bandwidth, cooling and physical security to their collocated environment, but as we expanded the depth and breadth of our service offerings, KaleidaCare began exploring new ways to leverage OnRamp’s hybrid hosting solutions to meet their biggest IT challenges.

By delivering affordable software solutions with functionalities that rivaled other, more expensive players in their market, KaleidaCare was quickly amassing a large customer base each with its own database of information pertaining to industry clients, patient medical records, billing information and more. In addition to addressing KaleidaCare’s concerns related to data security, quality of service and latency, OnRamp was able to build a hybrid environment, combining KaleidaCare’s existing colocation footprint with OnRamp’s secure private clouds and cloud delivered services.

Discover more about the IT challenge that was faced, the solution that was provided and the benefits OnRamp delivered which prompted KaleidaCare’s transition from colocation to an OnRamp hybrid hosting environment.

Click here for the KaleidaCare – OnRamp customer case study.